HTML description list is used to arrange terms or names with a description the same way as they are arranged in a dictionary.

To create a description list, we use the <dl> tag. This tag comes in pairs.

In <dl>, we use <dt> tags for a term/name in a description list and <dd> for a description of a term/name in a description list. Take a look at the example below:


  <dt> house </dt>
 <dd> two bedroom own comound </dd>
 <dt> car  </dt>
 <dd> Toyota vitz yellow in colour </dd>


Review what we have learnt so far about Lists
Lists are usually numbered or bulleted. HTML lists are nested.
<ol>…</ol> Ordered list tag
<ul>…</ul> Unordered list tag
<li>…</li> Listed items tag
We also have another list called the description list <dl>…</dl>. In html the <dt> description title and <dd> description data are nested.
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