Using the primary HTML tags, mentioned previously you are now ready to create your first Web page. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1

Create a folder on your desktop called HTML Practices.

Step 2

Open your Sublime Text Editor you should see a blank page like this

Step 3
Go to file save as select where your folder in this case the desktop click on the folder then on the file name Save the document as: mywebsite.html. 

Step 4
Enter the following code inside the editor:

Step 5
To preview your new document, go to the desktop folder and open the mywebsite.html file.  Your browser should open up and your page will appear. Like this:

In summary the good news is that HTML is written in plain text. That means you don’t need any fancy software programs to write your code. All you need is a simple text-editor that’s already on your computer in our case we downloaded sublime text.

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